Window Covers

Premade covers with windows

All Fastbind binders, including the new Fastbind BooXTer Zero series photo book systems can use traditional hard covers with a keyhole window look. This fast and easy process gives you a professional quality look.

Hard Cover Photo Books with Window

With the Fastbind binding system of your choice, you can bind your print into a hard cover with a window, so that your graphics or photo on the first page shows through and becomes the title or cover picture for the book. This process is fast and easy and can be made in three easy steps!

  1. Place a Fastbind end sheet in the front and back of your printed pages
  2. Bind the pages using the Fastbind binder
  3. Center the book block into your window cover and peel off the end sheets, securely affixing the book block to the cover
  4. Your hard cover with window is now ready to ship!

BooXTer Duo: Hard Cover Book

Fastbind BooXTer Duo allows you to side-staple the book or album content in a clean, regular and consistent way. The stapling process makes it possible to bind most materials, including non-paper ones.

When producing a hard cover book, just add a pair of BooXTer endpapers at the front and back of the content block.

After stapling the content, place the cover on the special positioning unit, to make sure the content is centered in the cover. Peel the endpapers and attach them to the cover.

Your premium book is ready.