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Fastbind Elite XT

Elite XT - Strength and Versatility

Fastbind Case Making

With Fastbind it's easy to make a Custom Printed Hard Cover.

Fastbind Ring Binder

Loose leaf ring binders are an easy solution for many needs.


Versatile Elite XT

Fastbind Elite XT

Elite XT - Strength and Versatility

Fastbind Elite XT is an extremely versatile perfect binder for both hard and soft cover books. Setting-free, it binds all formats and thicknesses up to A3+ and 50 mm, adjusting automatically to your book size for a perfect result at each time.

Whether you need to bind standard soft cover books or produce high quality presentations with customized hard covers, the Fastbind Elite XT is for you. Thanks to its unique roughening unit, Elite XT binds your different paper stocks with a constant, reliable strength.

Take advantage from high quality bindings at table-top prices and enjoy Elite XT’s easy process and unlimited applications for a unique, professional book production.

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Double the value of your bindings with a Fastbind Case Maker for customized hard covers and cases!